Simple moments, great stories.

Ah, summertime. You just never know what your camera will capture during those long, dog days of summer. My daughter had a birthday party last week, and I marveled at the sight of the mound of flip flops that sat in the front foyer while giggles erupted from the basement (where all of the 13 year olds had gathered). Among this pile of shoes was one pair that stuck out. Sometimes, it’s these simple moments – a flipped pair of converse shoes, a little worn, long white laces, and a scuffed label – that can tell the best stories.

So…on my belly I laid, clicking away on the hard wood floor, trying to get the best angle to capture these cute little shoes. I’m not sure what, exactly, I will use this image for. A background on a sign? A promo for shoes? Maybe it’s just a blog post… but I love this photo. And more importantly, that little girl that wears these shoes? She’s the coolest.

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